Monday, May 5, 2008

Exclusive Interview with Grant Gibbs

Hey fans, today we were able to get an exclusive interview with 2008 recruit Grant Gibbs. Grant is a 6'5 Combo Guard from Linn-Mar high school in Marion, Iowa.

The Kennel Report: How is the wrist healing after that nasty fall you took?

Grant Gibbs: The recovery has been slow because after the initial fall and break, it didn't heal correctly after about 2 weeks, so I had to have it rebroken and have pins put back in, but I was still got back to play in about 3 and a half weeks. So I skipped a lot of rehab and took a risk but over the last couple of months its gotten better and better. But the doctors told me about 3 to 6 months until its 100%

TKR: From what we have read, you are a longtime GU fan, what is it about the program that had you so interested in being a Zag?

GG: One of my mom's friends lives in Spokane and got me to be a fan at an early age and I followed them through the years of Santangelo, Dickau, and Stepp and just liked the way they played and followed them. Once they started recruiting me I knew I had to come check it out and it turned out to be a perfect fit for me.

TKR: What other schools were recruiting you the hardest before you committed?

GG: I narrowed it down between Iowa, Iowa State, Wisconsin, and Gonzaga as my Final 4. Before that when I was open I also liked Marquette, Washington State, Creighton, UNI, Penn State and a few others.

TKR: Was there a lot of pressure on you from friends and family to stay local and attend one of the Iowa schools?

GG: There definitely was and to this day I haven't had a lot of support for the decision I made. People wanted to see me play close to home and try to build something with an in-state program. The only person who really had my back with the whole thing was my high school coach who told me to go where I wanted to go not where everyone else wanted to see me.

TKR: A lot of fans around here think with the addition of you and the other freshman to the returning roster, that the team could really compete for a National Championship. What are your expectations for yourself and for the team next season?

GG: I definitely thinks it's a possibility and a realistic goal for a team with as much talent as we'll have. It should be a goal of this program every year in my opinion, you don't want to aim for Sweet 16's and Elite 8's every year because you're selling yourself short, it should be the number one goal to win a National Championship every year.

TKR: One website described you as a perfect fit for Mark Few's system. How do you think the flex offense and the fast tempo that GU plays suits your game?

GG: I think its a perfect fit for my game and being able to bring the ball up the court as well as play on the wing helps with that too. I really like the way Coach Few lets his guards play and doesn't hold them back.

TKR: Gonzaga is known for having one of the best homecourt atmospheres in the nation. Did the coaches describe to you just how passionate the fans and the Kennel Club are?

GG: Yeah they did and i've seen all the videos and what not. It looks like a special environment and the record of the team the last couple of years really reflects the atmosphere and advantage at home.

TKR: Since many of the fans will not get to know you personally, is there anything you want to tell them about who Grant Gibbs is off the court?

GG: Haha I don't really know, I guess I'm a pretty goofy dude and I like to have a good time and I get along with most people so don't be shy to introduce yourself, especially females.

The Kennel Report would like to thank Grant for taking the time to do this interview. I think we are talking for the entire GU fanbase when we say that we are incredibly excited to see Grant succeed at Gonzaga.


Anonymous said...

Great job, and a fun read when basketball news is at such a low ebb. Thanks and keep it up!

mbdad said...

Good interview, fun to read

Andrew Jackson said...

Sweet interview. Rumor has it, there will be a world map up soon? True?