Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mangisto Arop is a Zag

In a surprising development, GU has received an oral commitment from Mangisto Arop, a 6'5 SF from Canada. This is the 2nd Canadian to commit to GU in the last week, as 6'7 SF Bol Kong also verballed recently. His story is very similar to that of Bol, as he began his life in a refugee camp in Ethiopia, only to move across the world and thrive in a new country.

Arop, who recently became a Canadian citizen, is known for his great athleticism and is known to finish at the rim with a powerful dunk. He also has very good shooting range, and is known to shoot smoothly from beyond the 3 point line.

He was one of the starts at the recent Albert Schweitzer tournament, in which he helped lead the Canadian U18 National team to a very surprising 5th place performance.

We will try to let you know more about the commitment, and about Mangisto as we learn more ourselves.


mbdad said...

So, with the two SFs what is your take on the GU recruiting class.

maximum zag said...

Good question mbdad,
Two things to remember are Kong is class of 08 and Arop 09. Another thing is in the flex offense, the SG and the SF are very similar as they both are considered wings in how they will play. I think Arop might be able to play some PG/SG as well based on what I have read.

I think this leaves GU needing a big man to replace Osweiler and then either one of Marshall Hederson and Anthony Marshall who can both play Point Guard