Tuesday, May 20, 2008

WCC returning to old format

Many fans of GU and the WCC conference have become accustomed to a Saturday/Monday viewing schedule, with a WCC game usually being aired as part of ESPN's Big Monday schedule. However, many coaches and athletic directors have been upset with the schedule, as it has forced the athletes to miss more classes, as well has eliminating Sunday as the traditional day off. It seems as though their frustrations have been heard, as the WCC will likely be returning to the Thursday/Saturday game format.

This likely means that WCC games will be the second or third game on the ESPN networks most nights, with the latest tip time being 8 PM. This will replace the dreaded 9 PM start time, that many fans did not support. The big issue with the move is the impact it may have on the refs. The Pac-10 also uses the Thursday/Saturday schedule, and would likely get many of the better referees that work on the west coast. This must worry many fans of GU, as I don't think anyone was overly impressed by the performance of the WCC refs throughout the season.

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