Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hill and Burton shine at Pangos

This past weekend, two GU recruits put on a great display at the Pangos All-American camp. Both Solomon Hill and Joe Burton were recognized for their terrific performances.

Solomon Hill is a versatile wing, who along with Tyler Honeycutt, is the main focus at the wing position for the coaching staff. Hill is such an elite talent due to the versatility that he displays on the court. He does everything on the court at a high level, including being a very strong defender and rebounder. The one aspect of his game that he does need to work on is his jump shot. It has been described as solid but inconsistent. It seems that if he can sure this part of his game up, then he has the makings of being an incredible talent. Texas seems to be the school to beat for Hill, but he has mentioned the Zags numerous times recently, and it seems the staff is really stepping up its recruiting of Hill.

The other recruit who really shined was Joe Burton. This has been a theme for Burton throughout the Spring/Summer AAU circuit. He has consistently impressed people with how he uses his big body to grab rebounds and finishes well at the hoop. His big frame, and the way he rebounds, has reminded many Zag fans of JP Batisita. For me, this is the ultimate compliment for any big man. One aspect of Burton's game that is getting lots of notice, is the fact that he is a great passer. Anybody who watched Kevin Love this past season known that a great passing big man can really ignite a team's fast break offense. Burton has mentioned that the Zags have been recruiting him, and I have to believe that if he comes to campus for a visit, the Zags have a good shot of landing him.

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