Monday, June 30, 2008

Interview with Las Vegas Prospects coach Anthony Brown

Today is an exciting Monday for all GU The Kennel Report was able to get a quick interview with Anthony Brown. Brown is the head coach of the Las Vegas Prospects, and more specifically GU target Anthony Marshall. We would like to thank our new correspondent, who hunted down the coach and did the interview for us. We would also like to thank Coach Brown for taking time out of his day to answer some questions, and for keeping in touch throughout the summer.

The Kennel Report: How did Anthony play at the recently completed NBPA top 100 camp? Was it a good experience for him?

Coach Brown: Anthony played great. Bob Gibbons (a recruiting expert) said that Anthony really raised his stock. Hoopscoop said that Anthony was one of the top players and ended the camp as the 21st ranked player there. He probably only scored about 6 pts per game, but 4 of those were dunks on players, and the other 2 were either free throws or jump shots. A lot of the players at the camp were selfish and just looking to score. Anthony wasnt in the top 10 for any category, but he probably averaged 5-6 rebounds and assists per game, and 2 blocks.

TKR: What is Anthony's greatest strength and greatest weakness as a player?

Coach Brown: His greatest weakness is that everybody labels him as a combo guard, but he can really play anything. For his AAU team (The Las Vegas Prospects) he often has to play in the position that is best for the team, not best for him. He is a very team first player. His greatest strength comes from his weakness, because he can really play any position. We can put him at the 3 and he can guard the other team's best player. He can play the 2 and score tons of buckets. He can play the point and run the team. People are going to be shocked by Anthony Marshall this July. People are going to be like Wow!!!! after they see how he plays and where I play him

TKR: At this point what schools are recruiting Anthony the hardest? Does he have a list of top teams? Is there a timetable for his decision?

Coach Brown: Miami, Marquette, Gonzaga, Florida, Colorado State, UNLV, and Detroit. Detroit because Derrick Thomas was just hired there (as an assistant coach) and he and Anthony have a good relationship. Anthony will make his decision when the feeling is right, there is no timetable. He has already visited UNLV, Miami, Marquette, and Colorado State, and he has no more planned at this time.

TKR: What player would you compare Anthony to.

Coach Brown: Derek Fisher. Anthony is the ultimate glue guy, and like Derek Fisher, you hate him when he is not on your team, but when he is on your team you love having him.

TKR: There have been numerous stories about what a great student and person Anthony is. How would you describe Anthony away from the court?

Coach Brown: He is very quiet and very to himself. He is a big relationship guy. He has not got caught up in the hype of all the big schools who have recruited him. His recruiting and decision will come down to the place he has the best relationship with. So many schools have recruited him because of what they read on the Internet, but they have never come to Las Vegas and met with him or seen him play. Anthony wants a relationship with people who have seen him play and met with him. He has a very small and tight circle of friends and family.


Anonymous said...

Coach Brown has no background whatsoever in basketball. He was a football player turned all-star coach who is trying to make a name for himself. Very good players have stopped playing for the Prospects because of his lack of basketball knowledge.

Basketball Scout said...

Anthony Marshall is like Derek Fisher? Come on Coach Brown!?! Are you serious? Anthony Marshall is a much better athlete and player than Derek Fisher; no disrespect to D. Fish, but Anthony Marshall is a better athlete and player. There's gotta be some truth to the anonymous post below.