Friday, July 18, 2008

Inteview with Anthony Marshall

Earlier today, the correspondent for TKR was able to catch up with 09 recruit Anthony Marshall. TKR would like to thank Anthony for taking time from his day to answer our questions, and we would also like to thank our correspondent for making the interview happen. We hope everyone enjoys the interview.

TKR: Over the past couple of months, your stock has really started to take off. What do you think are the reasons for your huge jump up the recruiting ranks?

Anthony Marshall: I think its because I am showing people I can do more then 1 thing. I can set up my teammates, and I can get in there and battle with the bigs if I have to. I also play defense, and I take great pride in my defense, and I realized that it is better if I get my teammates involved instead of just me shooting.

TKR: Was there a defining moment for you, when you realized that basketball could take you a lot of places?

Anthony Marshall: I always though that basketball could take me to the next level. I knew that if I put in the hard work and the time, then I could go to the next level.

TKR: Where have you seen the greatest growth in your game since the AAU season began?

Anthony Marshall: I would say it is getting my teammates involved. At the start of the season I felt a lot of pressure, because I felt like I had to score more. But by getting my teammates involved it has made the game easier and more fun.

TKR: Along with being a top basketball player, it is reported that you are also a very good student. How do you manage the time between school and basketball?

Anthony Marshall: It is all about time management. I go to school, and then before practice I do all my homework, and then after that it is about basketball. There is no secret, it is just about good time management.

TKR: Where do you think you need to make the biggest improvements in your game before you start playing college basketball?

Anthony Marshall: Working on my shooting, I need lots of repetitions because that is how you get better. My shooting is a question mark, I believe I can shoot but I need to prove it. I also need to get quicker and stronger.

TKR: You will be ending you AAU career in your home city. How does that feel, and what expectations do you have?

Anthony Marshall: Its exciting that my fans and family get to see me end my AAU career in my home city. I have high expectations and I feel like we can do pretty good, and go deep.

TKR: What schools have been recruiting you since the beginning? Who were the first schools you heard from?

Anthony Marshall: UNLV was the first school to offer me. I have been hearing from Gonzaga, Washington, and Colorado State since the beginning. These schools have been with me since day 1.

TKR: Do you have a top 5 or top 10 at this point?

Anthony Marshall: At this point I don't. I am still wide open. At the end of the month I am going to sit down with my coach (Anthony Brown) and we are going to decide where I want to take my official visits to. I will have my list at the end of the month.

TKR: What schools have you taken unofficial visits to at this point?

Anthony Marshall: Last year I went to Arizona State. I have also looked at Colorado State, Miami, and Marquette. The best spot for me is where I will go. I will make my decision when I have the right feeling about a school.

TKR: With all these schools recruiting you, what are you looking for in a school?

Anthony Marshall: Im looking for a good relationship with the coaches. I dont want to go to a school and be stuck in a situation where I dont know the coaches well. I also want to go to a winning program where I can contribute right away and help improve my game for the next level.

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