Wednesday, July 2, 2008

TKR Interview with Sam Dower and his Net Gain Sports coach Marquise Watts

You will not find any recruit shooting up the ranks faster then Sam Dower. The 6'9 Power Forward from Osseo, Minnesota is quickly emerging as one of the key targets for the GU staff. Earlier today, our Kennel Report correspondent was able to secure a quick interview with Sam and his AAU coach. The Kennel Report would like to thank both Sam and Coach Watts for taking the time to do this interview, and to our correspondent for tracking these guys down and doing the interview.

The Kennel Report (for Sam): At this point, what schools have offered you scholarships? What are you looking for in a school when you are visiting?

Sam Dower: George Mason, Gonzaga, University of Northern Iowa, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Drake, St.Louis, Montana, and some others I cant think of. I look at the academics of the school, and if I fit in with the guys on the team.

TKR (for Sam): Do you have a time by which you want to make your decision? Do you have a top school or a list?

Sam Dower: I will make my decision before my basketball season starts. Right now, my top 2 are Gonzaga and George Mason

TKR (for Sam): What school have you visited at this point, and what camps have you participated in?

Sam Dower: I have visited and been in camps for UNI, Iowa State, George Mason, Gonzaga, Illinois State, and Marquette. I have no more visits planned at this point.

TKR (for Sam): What player do you try and model your game after?

Sam Dower: Kevin Garnett. We both can play in the post, but can also play out on the perimeter.

TKR (for Sam): Who has had the greatest impact on you as a basketball player and as a person?

Sam Dower: As a basketball player it would be my AAU coach and my parents....and as a person it would be my parents.

TKR (for Coach Watts): What are Sam's greatest strengths and weaknesses as a player?

Coach Watts: His greatest strength is his versatility. He can be a face up 4 and shoot all the way out to the 3 point line. He can trail the break as a big guy and hit the 3 pointer. He has a great mid-range game, and he has a left-handed hook shot that is kinda unstoppable with his height and athleticism. His greatest weakness is his strength, he really needs to get stronger.

TKR (for Coach Watts): Where have you seen the greatest improvement in Sam's game over the past year?

Coach Watts: I think it is his will to dominate games. His biggest thing is that he really wants to be good. I think it tends to take longer for big guys to develop this feeling of dominance. His athleticism has improved, and for a kid that is 6'9 and 220 pounds, he moves really well.

TKR (for Coach Watts): What is the schedule for Net Gain Sports the rest of the summer, and what tournaments will Sam be participating in?

Coach Watts: July 6-10, Sam will be participating in the Reebok All-American camp, which is invite only. July 12-15, Net Gain will be participating in the Twin City Summer Classic in Minneapolis. July 22-26, Net Gain will be in Vegas. And July 27-30, Net Gain will be in Phoenix for the Duel in the Desert, which is an invite only tournament.

TKR (for Coach Watts): What current player would you compare Sam's game to?

Coach Watts: I would say he is a mixture of two players. He has a face up game like Kevin Garnett, but with a little bit more range. He is also a guy I like to compare to Turiaf. They have similar bodies at this age, and they both have an inside/outside game and can post up on the block.

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