Thursday, August 28, 2008

Interview with 2009 Recruit Devonte Elliott and Coach Mark McGarry

The 2009 recruiting season has been very past faced with a number of twists and turns. A player who has appeared on the Gonzaga radar relatively recently is Devonte Elliott. The athletic forward from California had a very impressive summer of AAU basketball and has elevated himself to a high-major prospect.

Our correspondent was able to catch up with Devonte and his coach Mark McGarry earlier today. Hope you enjoy.

The Kennel Report: Devonte, what schools have offered you thus far and how much interest have you been getting?

Devonte Elliott: Nevada, George Washington, Gonzaga, UTEP, and Utah State Lots of interest from a lot of schools.

TKR: Have you begun planning your official visits?

Devonte Elliott: I'm taking the ACT on the (September) 13Th, and I'm going to start scheduling my visits then.

TKR: Devonte, how would you describe your game and what are your greatest strengths and weaknesses in your eyes?

Devonte Elliott: I'd say my game is mostly a face up game, and a little bit of a post up game. My strength is shooting, I shoot 3's pretty good. My main weakness I have trouble guarding smaller players; I look to improve on that my senior year. I am trying to put on some more weight before college.

TKR: Is there a player that you try and model your game after?

Devonte Elliott: My favorite player is Carmelo Anthony, I try to do the same kind of stuff he does.

TKR: Do you have a timeline set on when you plan on deciding your college career?

Devonte Elliott: I don’t have a set timeline, I'm pretty open. I would like to commit a little bit before the Spring.

TKR: Coach McGarry, can you just describe Devonte and how he plays and if he compares to anyone in particular.

Coach McGarry: He is a lot like Austin Daye. Every time I watch Austin Daye I think that can be Devonte in 2 years. He is a very young senior, he should be a junior right now, he just turned 17. He is really young in that aspect. He has only been playing basketball for 3 years. Before that he was just doing PE and stuff, so he is very raw. He needs to get a lot stronger. Over the next year or two when he really starts to fill his body out he will be exceptional. He is 6’10, 195 pounds. He saw Austin over the summer, and said he was the same size as him.

TKR: Coach, much has been made of Devonte's work ethic. Can you describe what kind of worker and person he is?

Coach McGarry: He has really grown up this summer, he is a completely different person. He has been here every day working to get better and is committed to doing so. He is a full year younger then all of his classmates but it doesn't show. He is really maturing and his work effort is exceptional. He is a really good kid, very polite, whoever gets him is going to be very lucky.

TKR: Coach, do you get a feeling about Devonte and if you think he would like to stay in California or get out of the state for college?

Coach McGarry: He likes to travel and would not have a problem getting away.

The Kennel Report would like to thank both Devonte and Coach McGarry for agreeing to do this interview. We'd also like to thank our correspondent for delivering some more information on this potential Zag. He sounds like an outstanding person and player with plenty of upside. Keep checking in here at TKR as we will update Devonte's recruitment and everything else Gonzaga!

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