Monday, August 18, 2008

TKR 2009 Recruit Breakdown: Jeff Reid

One of the earliest targets of the 2009 recruiting season was Jeff Reid (far left). For a few months, the guard out of Kansas had slipped off of the Zags radar but now it seems that Jeff Reid may be a serious candidate if Mark Few and the staff decide to grab another guard. Reid, who is a current student at Hayden High School in Topeka, Kansas, has consistently put up the stats to garner him high major recruiting interest. The 6'5'', 175 who spent his first two seasons at Brewster High School has picked up a number of scholarship especially in the Midwest and in doing so, has regained the Bulldogs' attention. Reid is not the only shooting guard to gain interest from the Zags and it appears that the staff is looking to add another guard to go along with Mangisto Arop and hopefully two big men.

Scholarship Offers: Reid currently touts offers from the Zags, Kansas State, Colorado and Nebraska and has also been hearing from Stanford, Arizona, Arizona State, Notre Dame, Marquette and Wichita State.

Rankings: Rivals- 3 Star
Scout-3 Star
ESPN- 40 (No Evaluation Yet)

Stats: During Jeff Reid's sophomore year at Brewster High School, he averaged 23 points per game. Moving to the tougher 4A ranks at Hayden High School, Reid averaged 17.3 points, 4.6 rebounds, four assists and shot 55.2 percent from the field last season. He also led Hayden High School to a 4A state title and was named to the all-defensive team. Needless to say, Reid fills up the stat sheet.

Teams: As previously mentioned, Reid now calls Hayden High School after transferring from Brewster High School. He is also on the powerful AAU team KC Pump N' Run.

Strengths: Jeff Reid fits the bill of a typical Midwest high school basketball player. Like so many other players from the region, Reid has an innate task to score the basketball and is an excellent shooter. 23 and 17 points per game in his past two seasons in high school prove that this kid can score. He shot an above average 55.2% from the field and can also hit it from deep. Another thing I really like about Jeff Reid is his height. He is a big guard at nearly 6'6''. He possesses the size to play some small forward but is also a good enough combo guard that he can fill up a stat sheet. He has the height of a Matt Bouldin type of player and that is something Gonzaga loves. By no means are the Zags an imposing team as far as their front line goes so it helps to make up for a small front line with a big back court. Reid may not have the greatest amount of upside but he is a solid and consistent performer. He would fit well as a Gonzaga guard and really reminds of a Matt Bouldin or even Richie Frahm type player which should be music to the ears of every Zag fan.

Weaknesses: With the past few breakdowns, we have seen very athletic players who posses upside and can fly around the court. Reid is more of a throwback type player who is big on fundamentals but may not possess all the flash. This shows in his lateral quickness and defensive skills. Reid is not a slouch on defense but his speed and quickness have been questioned as a potential pitfall of his game. He will not be able to guard the quicker and faster guards that Gonzaga will play (see Patty Mills). This can obviously be improved with a college workout regiment, and guards that are offense oriented are something that Gonzaga has recruited heavily in the past, but with Reid it is a major question mark. At 175 pounds, Jeff Reid is very thin and will need to add quite a bit of size to be a big time performer. Reid may have the height of a Matt Bouldin player but he in no way compares to Bouldin in muscle mass. However, as I said, with a college workout and another year in high school, Reid could gain quite a bit of weight, but he will have to work very hard to do so.

Recruiting Forecast: Obviously, Jeff Reid is a huge question mark and no one really knows where he stands. He has gained quite a few offers since we last heard from him and is getting plenty of interest from the best PAC-10 schools. The major upside for Reid is that he was here for Gonzaga's elite camp at the start of the summer and was one of the better performers. The interest is still there on both sides it appears but aside from that we don't know much. Obviously he is a kid from Kansas so if they Jayhawks make a push, who knows what could happen. Also, Jeff Reid's brother was a standout at Kansas State who was Jeff's first scholarship offer. Needless to say, many mixed signals are involved in Gonzaga's recruitment of Jeff Reid but it appears that Mark Few and the staff are looking for another guard for this 2009 class and Jeff Reid is definitely a major player.

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