Thursday, September 4, 2008

Calling All Gonzaga Students!

This Friday, the men's basketball team will be taking photos for their 2008-2009 media guide. Normally, these pictures are taken with the team alone but this year's team requested that The Kennel Club be in the photos. This is extraordinarily rare as student sections are never allowed to be involved.

The team is looking to have 200 Kennel Club members in the MAC for these photos. The only requirement is for students to wear red shirts and get rowdy. Doors will be opening at 2:15 and the photo shoot should not go later than 3 PM.

Come out and represent the Zags as this media guide will be distributed nationally! This will also be huge because you can bet that Sam Dower and Mangisto Arop will be in the building. I'm sure seeing a ton of crazy students in September would make Sam Dower very excited about being a Zag and playing in front of the Kennel Club!

Here's something to get you fired up!

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hello kennel club members iam the owner of t.s. mchughs where you all had a kennel club party after last years battle in seattle iwas told your coming back this year but i have not heard from any club members. i have some nasty conn fans knocking on our door please have someone contact me cheers