Thursday, September 25, 2008

If You See This Man...

Tomorrow is a big day for Mark Few and the staff.

Brandon Davies out of Provo High School will be taking his official visit to the city of Spokane tomorrow. The 6'9'' forward has become a hot commodity in the past few months and has seen his recruitment skyrocket.

As of right now he has to be priority #1a (Devonte Elliott is 1b) for the Zags but there are plenty of doubts about the likelihood that Davies winds up a Zag.

BYU seems to be the front runner with Utah State trailing and Cal and Gonzaga somewhere in the picture. He likes GU enough to visit so hopefully Coach Few and the staff can make miracles happen and gather a commitment from Brandon.

Students, keep your eyes peeled this weekend and make him feel welcome. He would be an outstanding addition to the squad.

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