Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Videos of New Zag Target Cliff Dixon

Whenever news breaks on a new Gonzaga basketball recruit there is plenty of excitement. It appears that the Zags have found another diamond in the rough in junior college star Cliff Dixon.

Since the news broke about our recruitment of Dixon, TKR has been all over the internet to provide you with more information on the Juco star. Here are some videos we were able to dig up. We hope you are as impressed with his athleticism as we were!

Those are both fun dunks to get you excited about this prospect, but we were also able to dig up some in-game videos of Mr. Dixon.

Visit this page on College Coaches Network to see Cliff in some games. Note that these are very long videos, but they really do a good job at showcasing his skill set. The big man can run!

Cliff is on Team 4 in all of these videos. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Nice, in the video he looks like Vivian : )