Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday Morning Links and Notes...

I was going to wait to write about some of these but there is an plethora of Gonzaga related stories this morning. I just couldn't resist...

--I woke up reading this story about Gonzaga and Arizona's match up in 2003. The author made me scour the Internet because he claims that the Zags had actually won that second round NCAA tournament game. To my dismay, I discovered that Gonzaga still did lose that game but I feel better knowing that I watched the right game in 2003 and what a game that was. (Author has since taken the article down as of around 11 AM)

--USA Today's season preview is out today and it is excellent. Like I said in past posts, there is not much variation in the previews for Gonzaga. Pargo is back...hooray! Austin Daye will have to be the star player, and can Heytvelt be the same player he was before the "incident". Those three points really sum it up nicely for every media outlet's Gonzaga preview. Oh well, it's still fun to read what everyone thinks of you, especially when it's good things.

--Gonzaga will have their Kraziness in the Kennel on Friday at 6:30 P.M. but apparently midnight madness is not a part of the "UCLA Way"...whatever that means.

--The lady Zags season ticket promotion is starting to really make some waves. Here are a couple links, here and here which give it great praise. If you haven't seen the promotion yet, click here and have a phone ready!

Tuesday's are usually my least favorite day and I typically wind up watching some Gonzaga videos to get me motivated so let's just call Tuesday video day here at The Kennel Report.

I think the Arizona author was watching the end of this video when he wrote about the Zags

I think he's going to be really special this season

Remember his dunk in junior college?

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