Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Recruiting Spotlight on Daequon Montreal: Interview with Mike Christensen

Today we were lucky enough to get a few of our burning questions answered by Mike Christensen who covers the College of Southern Idaho (CSI) basketball team for the Times-News located in Twin Falls, Idaho. CSI is one of the most storied junior college programs in the nation and Christensen does an excellent job reporting on them. The Zags have their eye on Daequon Montreal who is a member of CSI and has been blowing up this year. At the power forward position, Montreal has been a double-double machine and Christensen has some high praise for Montreal.

The Kennel Report: What aspects of Daequon's game have you been most impressed with this so far this season?

Mike Christensen: Daequon has been a rebounding machine this season. He's quick to the ball and while he's not an incredible athlete, he's got a real quick jump off the floor. While those around him are gathering to go up, he's already snatched the ball.

TKR: Where has he improved the most since last year and what does he still need work on?

MC: His outside shooting, especially from 15-17 feet is improved and he is money with his baseline jumpers. His consistency on his shot needs some work as he is hot and cold at times.

TKR: What kind of leadership role does Daequon have on this young CSI team?

MC: Daequon is the clear-cut leader of this team. He's not overly boisterous, but he says what needs to be said and leads a very young team by example.

TKR: Have any new schools entered the recruitment process for Daequon?

MC: The list is ever growing. CSI's head coach, Steve Gosar, said the interest in Daequon jumped after the first weekend of the season when he had three double-doubles and grabbed 13 or more rebounds per game.

TKR: Would you say that Gonzaga is still one of his biggest suitors?

MC: When I've heard him talk about recruiting, the Zags are on the list of those he mentions. With attention increasing, it'll be interesting to see who rises to the top.

TKR: What kind of player do you think Daequon can be in big time college hoops?

MC: I'd liken his game to Tim Duncan. He's all about fundamentals rather than flash. He'll be a solid player. His numbers (like his game) won't be eye-popping, but he could easily average around 10 points and 10 boards a game.

TKR: Where do you think Daequon ranks among the top junior college big men in the country?

MC: A few of JUCO's best big men have come to Twin Falls this season and Daequon value on the court ranks right up there. I'd certainly think he's in the top 10.

TKR: Do you think he could come to a school like Gonzaga and make an immediate impact?

MC: Yes. He's kind of a quiet assassin. You watch the game and think he had a quiet night, then you look at the stats and he had 18 and 12.

TKR: And is there anything else you would like to add about him that we didn't hit on?

MC: He's just a pleasant guy to be around. Well-mannered, well-spoken, great smile. He's loves being and "old-fashioned" player, who just gets things done.

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yes. hes an amazing guy.
i love him.