Saturday, November 1, 2008

Zags Dominate Wayne State

Yes I know it's Wayne State College but you have to be smiling from ear to ear with the Bulldog's performance 96-45 win tonight. There were plenty of outstanding performances starting with Josh Heytvelt and Micah Downs. Freshman Andy Poling surprised the 6,000 in attendance with his phenomenal skill set.

We'll have more later tonight. Make no mistake, this is the most talented team Mark Few has ever coached and tonight was a great start to what should be a great year.

Here's your player of the game: Josh Heytvelt


Anonymous said...

I thought Daye was the player of the game (though I wasn't able to actually watch the game) since not only did he score very effectively, he also got some boards, was money from deep, and blocked 3 shots. Heytvelt's 19 in 14 mins was very impressive, though.

ZagBell said...

You could definitely make an argument for 3 or 4 players being player of the game last night. Austin, Josh, and Micah were all fantastic and Andy Poling showed flashes of his potential.