Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wazzu Links and a "Big-Ten Themed" Zags Around the Web

Would anyone like to take any more shots at the state of Nebraska? I guess we probably should move on now that another Zag game is on the horizon. The Washington State game is one of the biggest games on the schedule this season and the only in-state rivalry game (anyone want to take shots at UW?). The Cougars have had Gonzaga's number the past two years but this year's Wazzu team is going through a transition after losing some key player. The Cougs will stil give Gonzaga all they can handle. We will have more on Wazzu later today.

For now, here are some links to get you ready for the team from Pullman...

- CougCenter...nice lookin' blog done by some WSU fans
- Washington State Message Board...where they believe Taylor Rochestie has the edge over Jeremy Pargo in tomorrow's game
- Official Wazzu Website...updated stats, profiles etc..
- Wazzu on ESPN.com

Some other links around the Internet got my attention as well...

- Some recruiting news in the form of Cole Stefan. He has visited Illinois State and Wisconsin-Milwaukee and has scheduled Nevada as his next visit. According to Stefan, he will only make on visit this winter and that is his trip to Reno. Hopefully he visits Gonzaga before deciding his college fate but they are left out of this Scout (subscription) article. Hopefully this Minnesota scout writer is still bitter about the Zags grabbing Sam Dower because Stefan appears to be a solid talent.

- People always tend to freak out about the Zags being called "America's Team"...ya I don't like it either but these IU fans are visibly shaken.

- Gonzaga is included in this article which is why I linked it but after the performances thus far of Purdue and Michigan State, I'm not sure I would use the title the author did. Kudos to Michigan though.


23dpg said...

Hey guys.

I just wanted to commend you for this site. You've turned it into something I want to read everyday.

Great job.

Nuss said...

I'll go ahead and say it: Taylor Rochestie is NOT better than Jeremy Pargo.

Although Taylor is a better 3-point shooter.

Nuss said...

Oh, and congrats on coming on board with SBN -- it's been great for us!

ezag said...

Taylor Rochestie better than Pargo! HA... not off the dribble, not in the lane, not in assists.... maybe in 3pt land but not with Jeremy in his face

Nuss said...

There's no "maybe" about the 3-point range, Pargo in his face or not.

By the way, just a little reminder for you:

Jeremy Pargo, 12-5-07
10 points, 3-for-11 FG, 0-for-2 3PT

Get ready for D like you haven't seen in 12 months, boys!

ZagBell said...

True Nuss, hopefully you will see a much different Jeremy Pargo. If he has a stat line like that again I don't think Gonzaga will win.

Pargo has taken on a much more pass first mentality and I look for the same to happen tomorrow night.