“Manny is definitely a scorer, but what makes him stand out from a lot of other kids who score is that he has the ability to lock down people defensively on the ball. And he is a tenacious offensive rebounder. No question, in that tournament, he was one of the top five players.”

--Rivals took the liberty of breaking down the 'mid-major' recruiting classes for 2009. The Zags check in at third according to rivals, behind San Diego State and UNLV. There are a lot of familiar names on this list...including TKR favorite Anthony Marshall who will be taking his game to UNLV. Other former Gonzaga prospects include Marshall Henderson (Utah), Brandon Davies (BYU), and the entire Nevada class.

Something tells me that Gonzaga might just wind up on the top of that list when this class is all said and done. We've only used half of our available scholarships. My wish list remains as such: Bol Kong and Daequon Montreal.

-- Seattle Times article on the upcoming Gonzaga-Indiana game...the players continue to stress the unity of this team and the fact that their is not one individual star but a bunch of excellent players. Hopefully this continues to be the case.

--As a blogger myself, I try and pay attention to other crazy bloggers like me. The Zags have really blown up since their Old Spice win. In this article, the author...or blogger questions whether or not Gonzaga is truly a top 5 team. He seems to agree with the others in saying that, thus far, Gonzaga has shown to be a top team in the country.