Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Interview with Demetri "Meech" Goodson and Klein Collins head coach Tim Schumacher

We are pleased to present to all Kennel Report readers an interview with both Meech Goodson and his head basketball coach Tim Schumacher. The Kennel Report would like to thank the both of them for taking time out of their day to do a fantastic interview with us.

The Kennel Report: This question is for both Coach and Meech- What do you feel it is that sets Meech apart from other Point Guards? What does Meech do on the court that makes him such a unique and great player?

Meech: I try to get my teammates involved in the game and do whatever it takes to help my team be successful.

Coach Schumacher: Meech is a winner!!! He won 114 games during his high school career. He plays the game at the highest level. His pace of play and decision making are second to none. He has the ability to make everyone around him better on the floor. He shows great toughness as well.

TKR: This question is for both Coach and Meech- What aspect of his game do you think Meech needs to improve on to excel and become a great Point Guard at the next level?

Meech: I can always get better in the game of basketball. I have worked hard to improve my perimeter shooting and I am constantly trying to get better in all aspects of the game.

Coach: He needs to improve his perimeter jump shot. He has worked very hard and is looking forward to continuing his maturation process as a player.

TKR: This question is for Meech- What other schools were recruiting your prior to your visit and commitment to Gonzaga?

Meech: Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Clemson, and Kentucky

TKR: This question is for Meech- You committed to Gonzaga almost immediately after your visit. What was it about your visit to GU that made you so sure it was the school for you?

Meech: It is the best fit for me. The size of the school, players and coaches, and success of the program were all great fits. I want to go to a place where we can win and I can improve as a player. Gonzaga has a great history of developing point guards.

TKR: This question is for Coach Schumacher- Texas is known for producing some of the best high school basketball talent in the nation every year. How would you compare Meech to some of the great Point Guard talents that have emerged from the state? What player would you most compare his game to?

Coach Schumacher: He is as good of a pure point guard as I have seen during my 17 years of coaching (5 years in college and 12 in high school). His basketball IQ is outstanding. I liken him to TJ Ford- a former Houston point guard. He has the ability to control a game without scoring a point. Meech will do whatever it takes to win.

TKR: This question is for Meech- With your brother playing football at Texas A&M, was there a lot of pressure from friends and family to attend A&M, or at least stay in the state of Texas.

Meech: My family really wanted me to go to school with my brother; but, I decided that GU was the best place for me and they supported my decision.

TKR: This question is for Coach- I don't know how familiar you are with Gonzaga and the style of play, but do you feel that Meech will be a good fit for the up and town tempo, and the flex offense that GU runs.

Coach Schumacher: The GU style of play is a huge part in Meech's decision. Coach Few and staff have done an outstanding job and have created an environment that Meech is very excited to be a part of at Gonzaga. Meech is as quick with the ball in his hands from FT (free throw) line to FT line as anyone I have ever seen. His great decision making at such a quick pace is something that makes him really special. He has been timed as low as 4.36 in the 40 yard dash.

TKR: This question is for Meech- What role are you expecting to have as a freshman? What are your expectations not only for yourself, but for the team during your freshman season?

Meech: Work hard and try to make the team better. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to help the team win.

TKR: This question is for both Coach and Meech- Is there anything you can tell the GU fans about Meech and who he is off the court, and what he is like away from basketball?

Meech: I work hard and I hate to lose

Coach Schumacher: Meech is an outstanding kid. He is a great teammate. He always has a smile on his face. In our high school of 3200 students, Meech was voted Homecoming King this year.

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