Thursday, June 5, 2008

3 NBA workouts for Pargo

Earlier today, Jeremy Pargo wrapped up his 3rd workout in as many days. We have been able to confirm that he has worked out for the Raptors and Wizards at this point, and it is believed that the Boston Celtics were the other team he has worked out for. Tomorrow he will be going through his 4th workout in as many days, as Jeremy will be in New Jersey working out for the Nets. If you would like to see some snippets of Jeremy working out for the Wizards, then just follow the link.

In Toronto, Jeremy worked out with Ryan Anderson, Kosta Koufos, Robin Lopez, Jason Thompson, and Drew Neitzel. It is fairly clear from the group the Raptors brought in, that the primary focus for the workouts on that day were big men. Many of the reports from this workout have focused on the great play of both Lopez and Koufos. There have been some brief mentions of Pargo, but nothing mentioning the type of performance that would see him shoot up the draft boards.

Jeremy participated in the first workout that the Wizards have put together for the 2008 NBA Draft. The other participants were C.J Giles, Darnell Jackson, Marresse Speights, Lester Hudson, and Jason Thompson. Most websites seem to have the Wizards looking at a SF or a PF with their first round pick. This workout provided an interesting matchup, as Lester Hudson has been mentioned as one of the players from the Orlando pre-draft camp who really improved his draft stock. Hudson is a better athlete and pure scorer then Jeremy, while Jeremy is a better pure Point Guard at this point. However, the 18th pick would be much to high to select anyone other then Speights and maybe Jason Thompson.

Here are some quotes from Jeremy after the workout with the Wizards--

On his workout:
“It’s my third workout, but it was exciting. There was a great energy, a high level of excellence and a lot of guys played hard. We all just tried to play hard and show what we can do.”

On what he could bring to the Wizards:
“I think I can bring a sense of energy. I think I am pretty good at creating for my teammates and giving guys shots in the right positions, although a lot of these guys are really good at doing that for themselves. You’ve got Antawn Jamison and Gilbert Arenas who is unbelievable. I would just try to fit in and play my role as a rookie.”

Good luck to Jeremy has he continues with his workouts, and The Kennel Report will try to fill everyone in with the small amount of news we can gather from each workout.

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