Monday, June 23, 2008

Interview with Ira Brown

The Kennel Report is pleased to bring all GU fans an exclusive interview with Ira Brown. The Kennel Report would like to thank Ira for taking the time to answer all of our questions, and for providing the fans with a terrific interview. We hope everyone enjoys this great interview.

The Kennel Report: Coming into this past season, what were your expectations both for yourself and for the team?

Ira Brown: My expectations were to go out and play my hardest each opportunity I got and to give my team an opportunity to win. I had to go out and prove myself each day that I can play at a high level. I expected to play because those were the words that I was told, but ultimately I was bummed because I'm an older junior college guy that didn't get to play as much as expected, so I took a blow for the team. I thought there should have been many games that I should have played in, but the outcome was me sitting and cheering my teammates on, which I don't have a problem with...I LOVE MY GUYS!!!!! This past season I thought was could have been great if the injury bug didn't hit us. Even with those guys out we played amazing I thought. We have all the talent in the world with guys who were willing to put it all on the line. If we would have utilized it more, then the outcome of some of the games would have been different.

TKR: Before you committed to GU, what other schools were recruiting you the hardest? What was it about GU that made it the choice?

IB: Before I came to GU, the schools that were recruiting me the hardest were Texas A&M, Butler, Loyola Chicago, Cincinnati, Western Kentucky, Nebraska, and Purdue. I chose GU because it was a huge family. The chemistry of the player's was something that I have had with some of my previous teams, and knowing that chemistry is important to be an elite team, I chose GU.

TKR: What was the hardest part of going from JC level basketball, to playing for and against top-25 programs?

IB: The hardest part is obviously the talent level and being able to adjust to 7 foot frames trying to block your shot every time you go for a shot attempt or a dunk. There are some really great athletes at division one. The thing that was also difficult for me was being able to remember plays and different ways to run them. At the junior college level plays were not incorporated, it was just go out and be an athlete and not let the opposing team beat you, but yet be smart.

TKR: What role do you envision yourself having next season? Do you feel that you can guard and go up against many of the 4’s and 5’s around the country?

IB: Well the role I am going to expect is the role that Pendo had last year but the opposite. I will be working with Austin and playing some of the 3 man as well trying to spin out a little more playing time. I will continue to work hard throughout the off season to prove that I can compete and try to win a starting position, there are doubts of whether it would happen because we all know the game. As for me being able to go up against bigger guys, I love challenges so I think I can do anything my heart desires. My objective is for me to not get buried underneath the basket, keep them as far as possible from the hoop.

TKR: Because of your past experiences with professional sports, do you feel that you can have a leadership role on the team next season?

IB: Well I have always been a leader everywhere I have gone, even in baseball. I consider myself an extremely hard worker and when I set my mind out to get something I wont stop until I achieve it. And with the team that we have this year that goal of becoming national champs or getting deep into the tournament is very achievable.

TKR: What part of your game are you trying to improve on the most during the off-season to make yourself an even better player?

IB: The part of my game that I am trying to improve most is shooting, being able to face someone up as the four man and even post game at times.

TKR: With or without Jeremy Pargo returning next season, what is your ultimate goal for the team next season, and what do you think it will take to reach it?

IB: As I said previously, knowing that Jeremy is going to come back, I will consider the Zags a final four team. GO ZAGS!!!!


Anonymous said...

thks for the great attitude and loyalty IRA! we want you to play more & showcase your skills & talents!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Ira, he has a huge heart. Wish more players had his drive.