Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My ode to Kevin Mchale: 2008 NBA Mock Draft

Despite all the years of frustration, I am one of the rare Minnesota Timberwolves fans that you will find outside of Minnesota. Shockingly my reason for being a fan has a lot to do with Christian Laetner and only a little to do with Kevin Garnett. As many of you may understand, the NBA draft has become a day that I dread every year. When you have seen William Avery and Ndudi Ebi drafted in the 1st round, and lost 3 first round picks because of Joe Smith, it makes sense why I fear this day every year. That is why I hope and pray that this year the T'Wolves end up with either OJ Mayo or Michael Beasley. Just a warning, if Kevin Love is selected by the T'Wolves with the 3rd pick I may have a nervous breakdown. So after all that, here is my 2008 NBA Mock Draft.

1) Chicago- Derrick Rose
2) Miami- Michael Beasley (I dont think he will ever play for the Heat, expect to see him traded)
3) Minnesota- OJ Mayo (Id love to see it, but I think he will be part of a draft day trade as well)
4) Seattle- Brook Lopez
5) Memphis- Kevin Love (Wouldn't be surprised if Gordon is the pick though)
6) New York- Eric Gordon
7) LA Clippers- Jerryd Bayless
8)Milwaukee- Joe Alexander
9) Charlotte- Russell Westbrook (Just as a side note, I have no idea how he is a lottery pick...great athlete, but he wont be a point guard and he doesnt score enough to be a SG)
10) New Jersey- Danilo Gallinari
11) Indiana- Robin Lopez (I had Augustin here prior to the trade with Toronto)
12) Sacramento- DJ Augustin
13) Portland- Alexis Ajinca
14) Golden State- Kosta Koufos
15) Phoenix- Brandon Rush (I am nearly 100% sure that a Kansas Jayhawk will be taken here, but not sure I have the right one)
16) Sacramento- DeAndre Jordan
17) Indiana- Anthony Randolph
18) Washington- Darrell Arthur
19) Cleveland- Jason Thompson (A really good player who went to Rider, I like him a lot)
20) Charlotte- Roy Hibbert ( I had Mario Chalmers here before the pick was traded by Denver)
21) New Jersey- Marreese Speights (Why he didnt return for his junior year I will never know)
22) Orlando- Courtney Lee (This is as close to a lock as there is in this draft)
23) Utah- JaVale Mcgee (This is where I had Hibbert going prior to the trade)
24) Seattle- Mario Chalmers
25) Houston- Donte Greene
26) San Antonio- Ryan Anderson (Another borderline lock)
27) Portland- Nicholas Batum
28) Memphis- JJ Hickson
29) Detroit- Chris Douglas-Roberts
30) Boston- Serge Ibaka


Ian said...

Most Underrated: Chris Douglas-Roberts. 6'6" guard. Career FG% over 50%. Over 18 ppg this year (rose was under 15) on arguably the best team in the country. Certainly not implying he should go over Rose, but why he isn't a lottery pick I'll never understand. I'd take him any day over Westbrook or Gordon. He is a steal late in the first. Its outright theft.

Anonymous said...

like the mock draft...disagree about westbrook though. he will be a steal at 9. i saw him play several times this year and he can do it all...his shot will improve too

Anonymous said...

you were definitely way off...westbrook is an athlete that will succeed regardless of position. averaging 12 pts, 4 asst, and 2 stls a game? I would not call that a bust. dummy