Monday, June 16, 2008

My top 10 to start next season

Here is my top-10 for the upcoming season. This is how I think the team's should start ranked, not who I think will end the season in these spots. Leave your thoughts and maybe your own top-10's if you would like

1) North Carolina
3) Michigan State
4) Louisville
5) Pittsburgh
6) Duke
7) Gonzaga
8) Georgetown
9) Notre Dame
10) Oklahoma

just outside top 10 (no particular order)- UCLA, Marquette, Tennessee, Florida, Arizona State, Texas, Memphis, Wake Forest, Purdue, Davidson, Villanova


rich said...

Two HUGE problems with this list. Texas? Absent? They will be sick...certainly pre-season top 10. Michigan state? Over purdue? Not a chance. Purdue was very young last year. They were snipers. They proved, to me, that they are the big 10 team to beat this year.

maximum zag said...

I certainly though about having Texas in the top 10, but I think replacing Augustin will be so difficult for them...he was really what made them go.

I really like what MSU has coming back, plus the addition of Delvon Roe will be huge. It could be an addition by subtraction case with Neitzel being gone. However, I'm thinking that I might have had MSU a little high, and could easily switch them with Purdue

Anonymous said...

Not sure Georgetown is ready for the top 10 after loosing Hibbert. They'll need time to adjust. Plus, I've never really been a huge fan of the Princeton offense. Duke also showed how vulnerable they were in the NCAAs last year. They'll probably be in the top 10, cause it's Duke, but they don't deserve to be IMO (unless they suddenly get a great inside presence). I also think Mich St will take a while to adjust to life without Neitzel. They'll do it, probably, but will stumble at the beginning of the season.

My top 10:

1. UNC
2. Pitt
3. UConn
4. Purdue
5. Notre Dame
7. Gonzaga
8. Louisville
9. Villanova
10. Oklahoma