Monday, June 9, 2008

Pargo in Memphis

Earlier today, Jeremy Pargo completed his 5th workout for various NBA teams. Today he worked out for the Memphis Grizzlies, who hold the 5th and 28th picks in the NBA Draft. Also working out with Jeremy were Kevin Love, Joey Dorsey, Kyle Weaver, DeAndre Jordan, and JaVale Mcgee. I don't believe that the Grizzlies are really in the market for a PG as they already have 3 terrific young PG's on their roster (Mike Conley, Kyle Lowry, Javaris Crittenton).

Here are some quotes from Jeremy on his workout--
[Are] you trying to talk John Calipari into cutting you come slack?

I’m trying to get him to cut me some. They beat us three times in a row so I don’t need to be taking it easy on him. They need to be letting up on us.

How many workouts you attended?

This is my fifth workout.

What about maybe the opportunity to wear a Grizzlies uniform?

I think the opportunity that I have is great. To show myself in front of a lot of GMs and scouts and across the NBA there is a lot of traveling. I think it is a great opportunity and I am trying to do my best to take full advantage of it.

Have you heard from you brother about what it is like to be in the NBA and what does he want you to do?

Of course. I heard the worst part of it about trying to stick with a team and keep a contract. Things like that getting moved around and getting released. One of the things he told me to stay in if I am not a first round pick because it was difficult for him. He doesn’t want me to struggle and go through the same things he went through.
You played the Tigers a bunch of times now you have a Grizzlies (practice) uniform on, what does that do for you?

I wouldn’t mind wearing this uniform at all. As long as it not a Memphis Tigers uniform. I can wear a Grizzlies uniform just not a Tigers one.
Coach likes you because of your leadership. What do you think is your biggest asset?

I think that is one of my greatest assets. I think I can get out here and do some things to help some guys get the ball in the right area. I can help guys play their strengths a lot better. Once you’re playing at your strength you are always good no matter who you are. So I think that is one of the things I can focus on, just try to lead guys and lead a team and lead them in the right direction. You guys have a great point guard here in Kyle Lowry and he is doing a great job. I can only hope to learn from guys that have been here before me.

And here is a quote from Tony Barone Sr, Director of Player Personnel.

What did you like from Kyle Weaver and Jeremy Pargo?

I love both of them. I think Pargo is a tough, hard-nosed kid who has a very good skill set. He’s a leader and I think he’s going to be in the league. I don’t know that he’ll stay in the draft. I think that he’s got the chance to be a very good point guard in the league in time.

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