Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A daily recap of Zag news

Today has been an emotional roller coaster for all Zag fans. There has been some great news for Ronny Turiaf and some emotionally draining news for Austin Daye. Here is a recap on all GU basketball related news.

- It appears that all the hard work that Ronny Turiaf has put in is going to make him a very wealthy man. The Golden State Warriors have offered Ronny a 4 year contact worth $17 million. The Los Angeles Lakers have 7 days to match the contract offered by the Warriors. In my opinion I think this is almost a perfect fit for Ronny. The main bigs that are in Don Nelson's rotation are Andris Biedrins who is a restricted free agent, and Brandon Wright. The Warriors did add Richard Hendrix in the NBA draft, but the way I look at it, Ronny will be the 1st big off the bench. He also will be playing for a team that will fly up and down the court. There will also be far fewer set plays, which will allow for Ronny to do most of his scoring on offensive rebounds and off of penetration by the guards.

- On the complete opposite end of the spectrum was news of Austin Daye's injury. Austin has been a counselor at the Lebron James camp the past couple of days, and appeared to have suffered a severe injury doing drills. After hearing a loud noise (and im not talking about the screams of Zag fans), Daye feared the worst. However the trainers determined it to be a hamstring injury and not the dreaded knee injury. This will likely rule Daye out of the "Say No Classic" in Los Angeles, but the fact that it is only a hamstring injury is fantastic. Besides Jeremy Pargo, Austin is the one player that the Zags can't afford to lose. His versatility is so important for the success of the upcoming season.

- It appears as if Adam Morrison is nearing the end of his long road to recovery. Adam has participated in some non-contact drills for new coach Larry Brown, as well as made an appearance at the Charlotte Bobcats summer league. According to numerous articles, Labor Day is the big day for Adam. By this day, the hope is that all limitations from the injury should be gone, and he will be able to go full contact. Good luck to Adam who has been training hard both in Charlotte and back in Spokane.

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