Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Interview with Gary Franklin....head coach of Solomon Hill

Today is a good day for all you recruiting our correspondent was able to get an interview with Gary Franklin, the head coach of California Supreme and Solomon Hill. Our correspondent was able to catch up with coach Franklin, who was at the Lebron James camp, watching Solomon play. TKR would like to thank both coach Franklin and our correspondent for making this interview happen.

TKR: Solomon's recruiting stock seems to have soared recently. What do you think is the reason for his sudden notoriety?

Coach Franklin: Most of that is just most coaches have not had the opportunity to see him play. At his high school he has been surrounded by high profile players like Stanback (Chace Stanback) and Sidney(Renardo Sidney). Now he is being give the chance to step away from these great players, and people are being able to see him as a player himself. He also can guard and play in the post as well as on the wing.

TKR: Where have you seen the greatest improvement in Solomon's game over the past year?

Coach Franklin: That's tough, because he has improved in so many different ways. His ball-handling and his ability to see the floor and being a good floor leader. He has been working really hard on improving individual stuff, as well as working non-stop to improve as a team player.

TKR: What schools have been contacting Solomon the most? Where has he visited, and does he have any more unofficial visits planned?

Coach Franklin: Oregon State, Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Utah and lots of other schools. USC is the only official visit he has taken. He has a visit planned to Arizona in August.

TKR: How has Solomon performed at the Lebron camp so far?

Coach Franklin: He has played really well. It is interesting seeing some of these writers listing him in their top-20 or top-30 players. He is a beautiful player and honestly I think a lot of coaches haven't seen him to much because of the role he has to play on his high school team. With Sidney and Stanback he had to do a lot of things for his high school team from playing in the post to guarding the wing and the post. He has had to play a lot of different roles for his high school team. At this camp, a player on his team got hurt, so he actually ran the point.

TKR: What is the schedule for California Supreme the rest of the summer?

We will be playing the the Peach Jam starting on July 12th. Then we will go to Vegas and play in the Main Event starting on July 22nd. Then we will play in either the Full Court Press or The Best of Summer tournament, we haven't decided on that yet.

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