Monday, July 14, 2008

Austin Daye has torn ACL

Just when you think the summer is going exactly to plan, something always comes around and takes your breath away. That moment has occurred as news has broken that Gonzaga Universtiy forward Austin Daye has a torn ACL in his right knee.

Daye received a major scare at the LeBron James Skills Academy when he fell to the floor in noticeable pain during a workout. Originally, it was diagnosed as a hamstring strain and Daye continued to play and play quite well as a matter of fact. Upon the camps conclusion, he had the leg examined in California and the tests confirmed the ACL tear.

ACL tears are commonplace in the sports world and have ended some of the most promising careers. There is still hope that Daye will not be sidelined for the duration of the 2008-2009 season as players have come back in time. ACL's are completely subjective in nature and no tear is alike and all Gonzaga fans can do is hope and pray for a full recovery, and hopefully a speedy one.

The last thing Gonzaga needs is to rush Daye back on the court, ala Josh Heytvelt, and risk further injury. This news is painful and Daye was a player that the Zags could least afford to lose but only time will tell how serious and what impact this injury has. We wish Austin the best in his rehab and we hope he comes back better than ever.

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