Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gurganious will play at UC Riverside

Larry Gurganious, who recently announced his transfer from Gonzaga, will enroll at UC Riverside for summer courses and become a member of the team.

It was very well known after he announced his transfer, that Gurganious was likely to end up at a school closer to his home in Northern California. Gurganious has applied for a hardship waiver that would allow him to play next season and have 2 years of eligibility remaining. There is a good chance that this could be granted, as the main reason behind his transfer was family issues. Should the waiver be rejected, Gurganious will sit out this upcoming season, and then have 1 year of eligibility remaining.

As a big supporter of LG, and his contributions on the court, I am very interested to see how his career will end up. I really believe that if he is completely healthy, and granted this waiver, that he will be a starter and put up some great numbers at UC Riverside. Consider this a TKR prediction, but I believe that Theo Davis and LG will both earn POY awards in their respective conferences by the time their careers are over. TKR would also like to wish LG the best for his career and also that all his family issues are resolved.

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