Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Interview with Marquise Watts....head coach of Sam Dower

Well this day keeps getting better for Zag fans. Our correspondent was able to catch up with Marquise Watts, the head coach of Net Gain Sports and Sam Dower. Coach Watts is currently with Sam at the Reebok All-American camp. We would like to thank Coach Watts, who has been fantastic as he always gives great information to us. We would also like to thank our correspondent who has been working hard to make these interviews happen.

TKR: How has Sam played at the Reebok All-American camp so far?

Coach Watts: Yesterday(most of the competitive games began yesterday) he started off ok, but by the end of the night he was playing really well. He had 12 points and 9 rebounds in his last game, and threw down a nasty dunk. This morning he played really well and has been improving every game. He has been scoring 14-16 points a game, he has been hitting his left handed hook shot, and knocking down some 3's.

TKR: Have any new schools been in contact during or before the camp?

Coach Watts: At these camps the coaches cant have any contact with the players. But before the camp Boston College, Miami, Minnesota, and SMU have started showing interest. In August he will start narrowing down his list and will decide where he wants to take his official visits.

TKR: What would you say the highlight of the camp has been for Sam so far? Who is on his team at the camp?

Coach Watts: Well he is on the same team as Renardo Sidney, which is a tough front line for any team out there, and as these camps there is always a shortage of good big guys. What I have been told is that Sam is being very active, and showing his full game by hitting 3's, hitting his hook shot, and dunking. When he is active he looks really good.

TKR: What is the typical day at camp for Sam?

Coach Watts: They got up at 8 and then go get some breakfast. Then they start doing some skill work at 9:30 and they do that until 11. Then they play games and go to lunch. After lunch they do some more skill work, play more games and get dinner. Then they play more games. Today it was just a little skill work after breakfast, and the rest of the way they just play games. He plays a minimum of 3 games a day the rest of camp. It's a grind at these shoe camps.

TKR: Has this camp been a good experience for Sam

Coach Watts: He has been really excited for this camp. Its honor when you are selected for a camp like this with the top 120 players in the nation. He is really soaking it all up.

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