Monday, August 4, 2008

Late season game against USC Upstate

It appears that the Zags will host a non-conference home game very late in the season. According to reports, the Zags will be hosting USC Upstate on March 3. This is a little surprising, as this game will take place after the Zags have finished up WCC play. However, the thinking may be to have the Zags get in a game between the end of WCC play and the start of the WCC tournament. According to the schedule, the Zags end conference play on February 28, and they likely would not start the WCC tournament until March 8. Getting a game in during that time period may be able to prevent some rust that tends to develop with that long break.

USC Upstate is currently transitioning to the DI level where they will be part of the Atlantic Sun conference. Last season, their first playing against DI competition, the Spartans went 7-23 overall, with a 5-11 record in the Atlantic Sun.


Joe Kuffner said...

Hey guys... great job with the blog. I'm thinking about starting up a WCC blog as the season gets closer, and it would be cool if I could get some input from you guys from time to time.

If you could shoot me an email at that would be awesome. Thanks!

maximum zag said...

We would be glad to help out with anything....and one of us will shoot you an email when we get a chance