Friday, September 12, 2008

Devonte Elliott to Visit Gonzaga

It appears that the rich could soon be getting richer.

With Sam Dower in the fold, recruiting focus has shifted to two other big men, Brandon Davies and Devonte Elliott. The Kennel Report has just learned that Devonte Elliott will be taking a official visit to Spokane in the first week of October.

Elliott will be coming up the weekend after Brandon Davies, who visits September 26-28. This is extremely exciting news for the Zags because it appears that the staff has finally found two bigs to go along with Sam Dower. After balking at Joe Burton, Bak Bak etc, it is encouraging to see more visits being set up.

I'm sure that both of these recruits will get the star treatment from Coach Few and the staff and we all hope that Devonte and Brandon react the same way Sam Dower did. Getting three quality bigs in 2009 would set up the Zags to be reloading instead of rebuilding. There is no doubt that some junior college prospects have entered the picture but it appears that the staff is very excited about these two high school stars.

We will keep you up to date on any further information regarding Devonte. It's good to be a Zag!

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