Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Today's Zag Tracks....

-- First and foremost, the big visit of Sam Dower is rapidly approaching. Dower will be arriving on campus this weekend. Mark Few has his shot to impress Dower before he goes and visits George Mason and Minnesota again. This is the biggest visit of the year as Sam Dower is an absolute must for the Zags.

--It would also be nice to snag Brandon Davies, the big man from Utah. Davies will be visiting September 26-28. Davies, like so many other current Zag recruits came on to the radar very late so a commit from him would go a long way as he has a great deal of upside.

--In a classic way to keep college basketball writers busy, ESPN has covered the WCC in their "Shootaround" series. There is no real news of any value within this write up, just a general wondering about if anyone can dethrone the Zags, how to pronounce Gonzaga, Jeremy Pargo etc...

--A few days ago, Avery Bradley decided to leave the Seattle basketball scene and best friend Abdul Gaddy. It has surfaced that Bradley will now be attending a prep school in Las Vegas. Obviously the driving force in this decision was academics but it is a shame to see such a talented combo of players be broken up. This now makes academic qualification a huge concern for Avery Bradley.... Europe, anyone?

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